Aston Martin is Neiman Marcus 2013 Christmas Car

Aston Martin NM carAston Martin unveiled its drop top Vanquish Volante a couple months ago at Pebble Beach, and for 10 lucky souls, the high-performance convertible is going to be a hit this holiday season. Neiman Marcus just released its Christmas Book for 2013, and the car of choice for its annual catalog of high-end goods is none other than the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante.

Only 10 of the special Vanquish Volante convertibles will be sold, and all will be painted with a Neiman Marcus-exclusive Seychelles Blue to go with a black leather interior with blue accents. The asking price for the car is $344,500 – $3,000 of which being donated to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, a youth-oriented charity. Orders for the car start at 12 Noon Eastern on October 23, and if you’re looking to snatch one up, you’d better act quickly – Neiman Marcus cars tend to not last very long.

The quickest car in recent history to sell out was the special-edition Camaro Convertible in 2010, which took just three minutes to sell all 100 examples at a price of $75,000 each. Sure, that price is hardly out of reach for many Neiman Marcus shoppers, but that’s impressive nonetheless. Equally impressive are the times it took to sell other Christmas Book cars at much higher price points: the Jaguar XJL took the longest in 2009, with 50 examples of the $105,000 sedan taking more than four hours to sell, while a dozen McLaren 12C Spider convertibles worth $354,000 each sold out in less than two hours in 2012 and 10 copies of the $395,000 Ferrari FF took all of about 50 minutes in 2011.


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