Are You Wasting Your Money on Premium Gas?

woman fuel filler gas premium gas

So is premium gas better gas? And should you be filling up your tank with it?  

Jerry tackles both of those questions for you in wake of a 2016 American Automobile Association report that millions of U.S. drivers are wasting their money on premium gas when regular will do the job. The answers may surprise you.

AAA Premium Gas Study

The AAA study found using premium gas in engines that only require regular fuel was pointless. It all boils down to the fact premium is designed to work with specific high-performance engines. If you don’t have one of those, it won’t provide any benefits.

One thing that does matter, though, is where you pump your gas. Some brands have cleaner fuel because they use more detergent additives than the minimum standards required for the government. It’s called Top Tier Fuel and it’s better for your engine.

Click here for a list of Top Tier gasoline brands.

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