Audi Shoots For Stars In New 2017 R8 Super Bowl Spot

2017 R8

It seems Audi is all about space these days, and no we’re not talking about personal space. We’re talking about the earth, moon and stars.

The automaker’s just debuted its new Super Bowl ad spot featuring the next generation 2017 R8 V10 Plus. It’s dubbed “The Commander” and it’s about a retired astronaut who’d rather get behind the wheel than eat his dinner.

The man’s son hands over the keys to the sportster and he relives the thrill of a rocket-like ride under the stars. You can check it out below.

Oh and in case you wondered, the 2017 R8 starts at $162,900. The V10 Plus churns out 610 horses, while the straight-up V10 version delivers 540.

Audi is an automaker that is very interested in all things space.

It’s currently working on a robotic quattro moon rover as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.  It’s working with a group of German engineers on the joint project with plans to send the rover to the moon in 2017.

The lunar rover was built using 3D printing and it’s made of titanium and aluminum.

Once it makes it to the moon, the XPRIZE rules mandate that it must drive at least one-half kilometer distance on the moon and transmit high-resolution images and video footage back to Earth.

audi moon lunar robot

Photo Credit: Audi
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