Auto News: 2018 Mercedes E-Class Coupe, First Chevy Bolt Deliveries

mercedes e-class coupe

Mercedes-Benz previews the 2018 E-Class Coupe and Chevrolet delivers the first all-electric Bolt production models in this week’s Auto News in :60.

2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz is showing off the 2017 E-Class Coupe. It’s official public unveiling takes place at the Detroit Auto Show in January. For now, the automaker is passing around some media photos.

The big bullet points are that the new coupe is slightly bigger than its predecessor thanks to a stretched wheelbase. Inside is, as you’d expect, full of luxury, but one of the cooler things is a huge digital dash that’s available if you opt for a second digital screen. Plus, the cabin offers no less than 64 ambient lighting color choices. 

There will be two models offered, the regular coupe and the 4MATIC version. Both will have a a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine under the hood and come with Stop/Stop technology.

The 2018 E-Class Coupe goes on sale next summer.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Hits the Road

The first all-electric Chevrolet Bolts are officially on the road. Chevy delivered the keys to the first three production models this week in the San Francisco Bay area, making good on its promise to get the car on the road by the end of the year.

A national rollout begins in 2017, and a number of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States including New York, Massachusetts and Virginia will see first deliveries this winter. Chevy says look for the Bolt to arrive in additional major metro areas throughout the first half of 2017.

The Bolt is priced at $37,495. But with available tax incentives, some drivers could get it as low as $29,995.


Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz
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