AUTO NEWS: Apple VS Tesla; BMW Z4; Ford Hiring Post



Apple shareholders have a message for CEO Tim Cook: Buy Tesla. It’s a message some of them sent loud and clear this week at the Apple shareholder meeting, but Cook dodged questions saying only the two companies don’t have a relationship. What Cook did say, however, is that he’d like to see Tesla to integrate ApplePlay into its vehicles.

The two companies are, in fact, quite competitive these days with the recent news that Apple is working on its own electric car, a minivan dubbed “Titan”.  This is on top of recent reports that two the companies are going after each others engineers, by offering big bonuses and incentives.

NEW BMW Z4 BY 2020

Despite a shrinking market for two-seater roadsters, don’t count the BMW Z4 down and out yet! The automaker says a replacement to its aging roadster is on the way by 2020, and it’ll most likely be renamed the Z5. Toyota is reportedly collaborating on the project.

Speaking to Automotive News,  BMW’s chief engineer Klaus Fröhlich stated that he “would like to see a Z4 successor in this decade. If you look at the volume … we have to realize that these segments are shrinking,” Froehlich said when asked about the market for a roadster.

But don’t tell that to Mazda, which just started production on its fourth-generation MX-5. It’s the top selling two-seater in the world. The initial batch will go on sale in Japan, then Australia before heading to the U.S sometime in mid 2015.


Ford is calling a recent Facebook hiring post is a hoax. The post went up this week on another Facebook account unrelated to Ford’s. It announced Ford was hiring for manufacturing jobs and that interested workers should call a recruitment number. However, Ford says it didn’t have’t anything to do with the post.

A statement from Ford calls the Facebook post “not genuine. This was not posted by Ford and the hotline provided is not owned or operated by Ford. We do not recruit for U.S. hourly manufacturing positions through social media and we do not have a hotline to apply for these jobs.”

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press traced the number to Ross Innovative Employment Solutions, which said it works with MichiganWorks!

“What we assumed happened is someone took a little information, got it wrong and promoted we are hiring directly for Ford. Or to be honest, we’re not certain it’s not something malicious,” said Ross spokesman Brad Speck.

Photo Credit: Tesla
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