Auto News: Ford Teams With Sony, Aston Martin’s Revamp



Ford is pairing with Sony to put an audio system into the new 2016 Explorer Platinum that even Mozart would be proud of. The automaker is turning the new Platinum edition into a concert hall on four wheels with, for the first time ever, Sony’s Live Acoustics and Clear Phase sound technologies, previously only available in high-end home audio systems.

“Explorer is about pushing boundaries and authentic high end home high-end home theater sound isn’t just for the living room anymore. The New Platinum series gives customers everything – including a sound system that will knock your socks off,” says Matt Zuehlk, Ford Explorer brand manager.

Sony’s Live Acoustics technology is developed by Giro Shiraishi, a concertmaster of the Sony Philharmonic Orchestra, who measured sound dimensions in concert halls in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Vienna in the development and perfection the technology.

“This technology was previously available only in our high-end home audio systems – we’ve now applied the algorithm of Live Acoustics to Ford Explorer Platinum’s audio system to transform the listening experience to be among the finest in the world,” Shiraishi says.


Aston Martin is getting ready to shake things up. The British automaker says it will replace every model in its current lineup by 2020. Plus, it will also add three more new models into the mix. The company’s new strategy, known as its “Second Century” plan is designed to revitalize the brand. It would be the biggest investment plan in the company’s 102-year history.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin is also reportedly considering whether to build its new DBX crossover at a plant in the southern U.S. The DBX, Aston’s first crossover concept, was unveiled in March and features all-wheel drive and an electric powertrain.


Get ready for this shocker. Elon Musk almost sold Tesla to Google. That’s according to the new book, Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, due out May 19th. Bloomberg reports the deal would have gone down in 2013, when Tesla’s finances were in big trouble.

Musk reportedly reached out to Larry Page and proposed Google buy Tesla outright, with the stipulation that Google keep him at the helm and continue his plans to build a third-generation mass market electric vehicle. But then things turned around with the Model S just in the nick of time and Musk changed his mind. The rest, as they say, is history!

Photo Credit: Aston Martin


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