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  • 2021 Ford Bronco Production

    2021 Ford Bronco Production

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    Segment transcript:

    I’m Laura Reynolds with CarProUSA. Ford Bronco Marketing Manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings says the 2021 Bronco is being shipped to the nearly 200,000 pre-orders and reservations. Plaza-Jennings says Ford noticed during the pre-orders which trims and accessories are the most popular with customers. Plaza-Jennings: “I think we’ve seen customers who have placed reservations and orders to date they’ve flocked to the capable versions of the vehicle. So that 35-inch tire package, the Sasquatch package, has been very hot. The more capable off-road oriented, highly off-road oriented trim series have been hot, Wildtrak and badlands, I mean it’s been very interesting to see what people have been ordering. Um people love the Safari bar up front, and the modular front bumper as well so a lot of those off-roading bits people are definitely clamoring for those. Hopefully, they’re actually going to use the vehicle off-road.”

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    Photo Credit: Ford