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    2022 Ford Mustang Ice White Editions

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    Segment Transcript

    Ford Mustang Marketing Manager Jim Owens says the new 2022 Mustang Ice White Edition Appearance Package is the first Mustang to have a white pony on the exterior in the grill. He describes what you’ll find in the interior. Owens: "The white dash, so the stitching on the premium when you get the upgrade on the interior which comes with the premium package, that stitching is unique for this vehicle.  So that's a unique dash top, the stitching going down through the, like the footwells, you have your individual seats that have a white contrast to it so it's not, uh I don't know, like when we did the Jack Nicklaus edition in town cars when they were the dark green and the supple white leather interior, it's not quite that level of a contrast white but um somewhere between the exterior white and the Wimbledon that was like on the GT350. So it's a really cool color contrast when you open it up."  For more information on these and other vehicles, check out CarProUSA.com.  With today's Auto News I'm Laura Reynolds.

    Photo Credit: Ford.