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  • 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport

    2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport


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    Segment Transcript

    I’m Laura Reynolds with CaProUSA. Toyota Vehicle Marketing and Communications Manager for Tacoma and 4Runner Yash Shah talks about the 4Runner TRD Sport. Shah: “So now we’ve added some of the limited exterior features onto the TRD Sport so we’ll have a color-keyed front grille with a limited bar across it, we’ll have body side rockers and lower chrome moldings and color-keyed black roof rails. The most exciting new part is now we’ve added a hood scoop onto the front of the TRD Sport and we’ll have TRD Sport badging along the seat pillars so a lot of really new cool styling element to go along with it. No new colors as of yet but we’re also looking at new ways to innovate our color lineup just to tailor it more towards our customers. So on the inside we’ll have a black SofTex interior with a unique gray stitching, TRD Sport floor carpet mats and then a TRD embroidered headrest. So lots of TRD Sport throughout the inside that really make it pop out.” With today’s auto news, I'm Laura Reynolds.

    Photo Credit: Toyota.