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  • AAA: Driving Habits During The Pandemic

    AAA: Driving Habits During The Pandemic

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    Segment Transcript

    I'm Laura Reynolds with CarProUSA.com. Senior Researcher AAA Foundation Traffic Brian Tefft says new research shows  people’s driving habits changed during the Pandemic. "The largest reduction in travel was actually among the middle aged drivers who statistically tend to be the safest drivers. Whereas the reductions were the smallest among the young whether that's teenagers or young adults and we know they happen to be the highest risk population. Breaking it down a little bit further we actually saw that travel for work was down the most among the young whether that is because the were out of work or because they were working from home, whereas their non-work related travel hardly changed at all. So the youngest drivers out there who happen to be the highest risk population on our roads, aside from their traveling to work in person less, their travel really didn't change very much." With Today's Auto News, I"m Laura Reynolds.