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    Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

    I’m Laura Reynolds with CarProUSA. Ford General Manager Commercial Marketing Raj Sarkar talks about the Max Trailer Tow package in the all-new fully electric F-150 Lightning PRO. Sakar: "People are familiar with the ProTrailer Backup Assist that we've got on F-150 where if you steer the trailer with the controller and the vehicle, and we now have trailer hitch assist which really makes the whole process of hitching up really easy. Basically the truck controls the throttle, the steering and the brakes, gets you lined up perfectly. We're also offering on-board scales, a really neat innovation. The truck measures the load that you put into the truck so you can see how  much you've put in and where you are relative to that 2,000-pound payload. And we know this is a tricky one for truck customers. When you're putting in loads and you don't always know what kind of weight you've got in there and where you sit relative to that max." In standard trim the Lightning Pro has a 3,200 amp charger and towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds. Starting MSRP is just under $40,000. 

    GM, Shell Offer Charging Hours

    General Motors Senior Manager of Sustainable Energy and Vice Chair of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Rob Threlkeld says GM has partnered with Shell to offer renewable energy charging hours for GM’s EV owners. Threlkeld: "Basically they can go to a specific website and a link and allow them to be able to sign up for potentially low cost renewable electricity and then if they happen to be an EV buyer as we roll that out here in the real distant future here, this month actually, is overnight charging free for our electric vehicle buyers.  And so I think it's a key enabler for us to think about how the grid of the future is really going to operate you know as generally, wind is overnights,  so it's matching you know the overnight hours of wind which is generally plethora with what the customers might want to do and it's no real different than how you drive today because I guarantee as you go down the road and you see gas is 2 cents a gallon cheaper at one gas station when you're on your way home, you're going to fill up at that gas station. So it's really enabling the lowest cost effective way for customers to kind of get used to transitioning over to electric vehicles. " With today's Auto News, I'm Laura Reynolds.  

    Photo Credit: Ford