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    How the 2022 Ford Maverick Compares To Model T Pricing

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    Segment Transcript

    I’m Laura Reynolds with CarProUSA. Ford Archives and Heritage Brand Manager Ted Ryan explains why the starting price of under $20,000 for the Ford Maverick is shocking low by comparing it to the original Ford Model T. Ryan: "So we wanted an entry-level vehicle so we wanted it to be a truck.  So the Maverick has all the great safety features, it's a hybrid, they all come as a hybrid so it's uh which is usually more expensive  but in this case not, up to  500 miles on a tank of gas versus about 200 for the Model T. The 8-inch screen, the lane assist, all the technology that would expect from a brand new vehicle just priced so inexpensively, and as we were pricing out and coming up with the theme for the Maverick, they came to my team and asked about the Model T. Well the Model T was the first entry-level vehicle in America. So the Model T came in priced at about $850, but if you put that $850 in an inflation calculator, it comes out to about $25,000. So we told the Maverick team we said you're actually beating the Model T."  For more information on these and other vehicles, check out CarProUSA.com. With today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.

    1908 Ford Model T


    Oct. 1, 1908: Rugged, lightweight, easy to repair and well-suited to the bad roads of the day, the original Model T had seating for five and cost $850.  Photos Credit: Ford