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    Lincoln Shinola Aviator Concept

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    Segment Transcript

    Lincoln Shinola Aviator

    I'm Laura Reynolds with CarProUSA. Lincoln Aviator brand manager Jenn Engel says Lincoln partnered with Shinola to create a one of a kind Aviator. Engel: "Our designers went into the Shinola showroom and they were inspired by this brand's unique timepieces and leather goods and even bicycles and they took that influence to create a very special vehicle. We're talking copper accents, the exterior has this mother of pearl hue. There is a stripe going down our seats which was inspired by the Shinola duffle bag. It's really really just a beautiful masterpiece, I encourage everyone to just go online and type in Aviator and Shinola and you can see images of this beautiful vehicle." Only one of the special Lincoln Aviators with the Shinola-inspired aspects has been produced and it’s not for sale. Engel says they will be taking it to Auto Shows.

    Ford Helps Texas-Based U-S Army Soldiers Transition to Civilian Work

    Ford Motor Company, Parts and Service Operations manager Dallas Region Jonathan Cuff says Ford is helping Texas based U.S. Army soldiers transition to civilian work. Cuff: "In a nutshell, it gives the soldier four Ford certifications which are industry recognized credentials, give them a pre-comprehensive training plan, partner them up with a dealer who elects to sponsor them into the program, cover the cost, tuition. And they do so with an intent of hiring the soldier upon their discharge. So it's great because we offer the solider training, certifications, a job, and then through our partnership with Texas Workforce, Workforce comes in and buys the soldier a new Ford technician starter tool kit." For more info contact Command Sergeant Major Retired Anthony Waller at AWaller77@yahoo.com. 

    In other Ford news,  Ford helped raise $180,000 for Experimental Aircraft Association y donating a special Mustang Mach-E honoring Women Airforce Service Pilots at the AirVenture Charity Auction.

    With today's Auto News, I'm Laura Reynolds.