Automakers Roll Out April Fool’s Day Pranks

Car Horn Emojis Mark Next Step in Honda Advanced In-Vehicle Tech

The auto industry has a habit of putting out prank videos on April 1st every year, and this past Saturday was certainly no exception.

In years past, we’ve seen other website designers go to a lot of trouble to make people think discontinued cars were coming back.  This year, we bring you some of best automotive and auto-related prank videos we found.


The first one was from Lexus, and we put it on our website Saturday morning and even talked about it on the Car Pro Show just for fun.  Lexus Lane Valet lets you move left lane slow drivers out of your way.  Sign me up!


Honda thinks you should have different horn sounds to better express your feelings.  Introducing Honda Horn Emojis.  You’ll find 7 different buttons on your steering wheel and there is sure to be one that is just right for your mood.  Presented by the Chief Engineer at Honda Dream Laboratories, take a look:


XFINITY recently surprised a couple of people who are Fast & Furious super fans by taking them on the ride of their lives, and straight “into a scene” from the latest installment of the movie series, The Fate of the Furious. Watch as they go on a furious ride complete with the same cars from the movie, explosive stunts and the same high-speed chase as seen in the latest film.  Excited utterances are bleeped out.


As we know, nothing is more aerodynamic than a bird, right?  Well, McLaren is offering up carbon fiber feathers on its new 570 GT.  Take a look at McLaren Automotive’s all-new Feather Wrap technology:

Photo Credit: Honda
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