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If you think LED lights are gradually taking over household lighting, wait until you see what they’re doing for cars in the drive for greater fuel efficiency. They’re especially important on electric cars.
By 2020, LEDs will claim a 34% share of the $18.1 billion headlight and daytime running light market, up from 12% last year, says lighting maker OSRAM based on a report from consulting group McKinsey.
You’re already seeing them on the streets as more automakers use them as signature “eyebrows” around headlights during the day, and by those jewel-like taillights. So, sure, they look great, but the bigger sales driver could be energy savings. LEDs use 14 watts of juice compared with 65 watts for a conventional bulb, according to David Hulick, an OSRAM marketing director.
“An efficient LED headlamp system can extend an electric vehicle’s range on a charge by nearly 6 miles,” Hulick says in a statement. “So, whether the goal is reduced fuel consumption or enhanced styling … LED lighting is simply the best technology available.”
McKinsey predicts that the technology will continue to advance. In the future, it will include technology such as smart headlamps that sense driving conditions and adjust illumination accordingly.


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