Automotive Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Super Bowl AdsNo doubt that car companies spend the most money during the big game. This year, a thirty-second spot ran about 4 million dollars. Production of those spots often cost as much as the airtime. It had to be distressing to many of the advertisers who bought airtime in the second half of what we now know was a blow out.

If you missed any of the automotive ads, here are links to a number of them:

Chrysler’s Bob Dylan ad:

Jeep’s “Restless”:

Maserati Ghibli:

Ford with Rob Riggle:

Chevy Silverado “Romance”:

Chevy Silverado “Life”:

Jaguar “Big Game”:

VW “Wings”:

Audi “Dobberhuaha”:

Toyota “Muppets”:

Hyundai “6th Sense”:


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