Baby Jeep Confirmed

Perhaps they can call it the Cherokino?

Jeep CEO Mike Manley has confirmed that the off-road automaker will introduce a new Fiat-based subcompact SUV in the United States next year, Edmunds reports.

Manley says the car will be built on a subcompact Fiat platform, but did not specify which one. It will be manufactured in Italy for global sale, and will serve as the replacement for both the Jeep Compass and Patriot.

The yet-to-be named vehicle will be about the size of the recently introduced Fiat 500 L crossover, but will offer all-wheel drive. Diesel models will be available overseas, but the U.S. version will have a gasoline engine.

Baby JeepFiat currently sells the Panda 4X4 in global markets, but it is even smaller than the vehicle expected next year.

Then again, if this baby Jeep thing catches on, the opposite of the sky is the limit.

  1. Gary Vanlith 5 years ago

    I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty with 39000 miles on it and a 2008 GMC Savana with 43000 miles on it.
    I change oil every 3000 miles and am thinking of going to Penzoil full synthetic oil in both vehicles.
    Is this a good move and if so why?
    The GMC is only used to tow a small [17 foot ] 5000 pound travel trailer and the Jeep for my regular use vehical.
    I think the cost factor will be about the same because I should not have to change oil as often. How long between oil changes should I go with the synthetic?
    I plan on keeping both until the windows rust out.
    I live in the Fort Worth Texas area but use the GMC everywhere in the USA.

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