Bad Day For One Ram Truck

RAM truck bad dayTalk about a bad day. What you’re looking at isn’t photoshopped, and unfortunately for everyone involved, this Ram Power Wagon really did get sucked out into the Pacific Ocean. It happened during a Ram Truck commercial shoot near Moonstone Beach in Humboldt County, California and residents aren’t happy. Locals are concerned about the environmental impact the commercial had on Moonstone Beach and the wildlife that inhabits it. Many are questioning how the film crew even had permission to drive on the beach as it has been closed to four-wheel vehicles for quite some time. One local resident named Brian Parrott spoke with the Lost Coast Outpost and didn’t hold back when expressing his dismay with the whole situation.

“This is the pride of the surfing community,” said Parrott. “Moonstone Beach is THE family beach in Humboldt County and now in the name of profit the beach has been damaged, the tide pools have been polluted, and the precious sea life in this PROTECTED zone is in danger.”
Obviously, the Ram Power Wagon floating out to sea isn’t ideal for surrounding wildlife, and as Parrott touched upon, the fluids needed to run the vehicle could stream out once it’s submerged. So how, exactly, did the Ram Power Wagon end up in the ocean? Parrott says that when he pressed the film crew about it, no one would give him an answer, so he and a friend, who first arrived on the scene, called the sheriff’s department. This was the first time law enforcement heard of the ordeal. However, Parrot said three tow trucks arrived on scene first and managed to rope the Power Wagon in before it drifted out to sea and, more likely than not, sank.


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