BBC Will Air Final Top Gear Shows Of Season


Despite the ongoing investigation of Top Gear front man Jeremy Clarkson, the final three episodes of the motoring program will be aired at some point, a new report claims.

Following the BBC’s suspension of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson for a “fracas” with a producer, it was thought that the broadcasting company would completely scrap the last three episodes of the show’s 22nd season. However, a BBC insider has revealed that the last few episodes will in fact hit the airwaves.

According to the BBC source, Senior Producers are currently editing pre-filmed segments of the last three episodes. Moreover, the BBC plans to eventually air the episodes, regardless of the outcome of the investigation involving Clarkson.

“These aren’t going to be the Nixon tapes,” an insider told the UK’s The Sunday Times, referring the final three episodes of the season.

One of the episodes in limbo includes a feature on budget classics convertibles. In that episode, Clarkson reportedly chooses a Fiat 124 Spider, while his co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, opt for a Peugeot 304 and an MGB, respectively.

Top Gear is also continuing its work toward a showdown between the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari LaFerrari. However, if that three-way test ultimately happens, it will likely air as a bonus episode rather than part of the regular Top Gear season.

Although the immediate future of Top Gear looks a little brighter, the long-term prospects of the show are a little less clear. It’s possible that Clarkson could be fired following the investigation, which could ultimately lead to the show’s cancellation.

Photo Credit: Top Gear/Facebook

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