Bear Grylls Shows Off New Land Rover Tech During Skydive

bear grylls land rover

What do you do when you want to show off your latest technology? Well, if you’re Land Rover, you get adventurist Bear Grylls to demonstrate it for you by jumping out of an airplane. Oh, and you get six members of the British Royal Navy Parachute Team to join him.

Land Rover enlisted the ensemble to help demonstrate its new seat folding technology in the all-new Discovery. The optional system, dubbed Intelligent Seat Fold, allows drivers to rearrange their seats remotely using Land Rover’s InControl Remote app on their smartphone.

Grylls and the Royal Navy Parachute Team showed off how it works in a skydiving demonstration. While freefalling at 125 miles an hour, Grylls used the app on his smartphone to change the Discovery’s seating layout. All before safely deploying his parachute. (We don’t suggest doing this yourself by the way.)

In the video, Land Rover cuts between the skydive to a camouflaged Discovery prototype on the ground. You can see the seats acting on command.

“The fact that they have created this world-first Intelligent Seat Fold technology is impressive in itself and for the remote function to work while we are freefalling from a plane is pretty cool,” says Bear Grylls. “I’m not sure many people will be using it in such a manner, but the technology to operate the car remotely in this way will undoubtedly be a real winner for busy families who want to be prepared.”

Skydiving dramatics aside, here are more specifics on the system. Intelligent Seat Fold is optional on the redesigned seven-seater Discovery. It allows two rear rows of seats to be fully reconfigured remotely in as as little as 14 seconds.

The new Discovery will debut ahead of the Paris Motor Show on September 28.


new discovery prototype
Photo Credit: Land Rover
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