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Beattles BeetleOn the Abbey Road album cover, there is a white Volkswagen.

The appearance in the picture was a total accident, as it belonged to one of the people living in the apartment across from the recording studio, and couldn’t be moved out of the picture because the owner was away on holiday. Rumor has it that after the album came out the license plate (LMF 28IF) was repeatedly stolen from the car.

In 1986, Pete Gent, who owned ‘The Music Department’ musical instrument shop in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, came across the very famous car standing in a car showroom. Pete promptly bought it – realizing that the car salesman had no idea of the history of the car or the license plate.

The car was sold at an auction for $23,000 and is currently on display at the Volkswagen museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The Museum plaque states ‘Starting in 1962 John Lennon and Paul McCartney conquered the world with the music of the Beatles. They unleashed enthusiasm that continues unabated to this day. In 1967, John Lennon ordered this 1300 Beetle, license number LMW 281F and used it for daily transportation. In 1969 this particular Beetle became world famous when it appeared on the cover of the Abbey Road album and gave rise to months of rumors of Paul McCartney’s death because of the license number 281F. It was acquired by VW at an auction in the summer of 1999.’

The plaque is incorrect in saying that John Lennon ordered the car and used it for daily transportation. Lennon never owned it.


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