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Dealer Benefits

At CarProUSA, our mission is to offer consumers the absolute best car buying experience they’ve ever had. By becoming a CarProUSA Certified Dealer, you commit to delivering that VIP Experience to each and every CarProUSA customer.

First, a bit about us

What is CarProUSA?

We have built our reputation on providing straight talk and honest answers about car buying both on the radio and online, resulting in a strong referral engine.

Referral buyers are confident they’ll get a fair price and our dealers are able to make a fair profit on the purchase. When a CarProUSA Referred Buyer shows up at your dealership they are not only likely to buy a car, they also provide other benefits.

CarPro Quote
Our Certified Dealers close CarProUSA referrals at a high rate.

CarProUSA Buyers Tend To...

  • Tell others about their experience, resulting in even more referrals
  • Service their vehicles with the dealers they trust
  • Provide positive customer service feedback resulting in higher CSI (consumer satisfaction index) scores
  • Purchase future vehicles from a CarProUSA™ Certified Dealer

Simply put, CarProUSA™ is like getting a phone call from a friend who wants to buy a car from you. Once a buyer has a positive experience, word of mouth leads to their friends and family committing to your dealership for future car purchases for a lifetime.

The CarProUSA VIP Experience

People do business with people they know and trust. It’s nearly a universal truth that most consumers have a strong distaste for the car buying process. Not everyone has the benefit of a personal connection with a dealership, but those who do have greater confidence in the car buying process.

When CarProUSA Referred Buyers walk into a dealership they too can have confidence as if the dealer was a close friend. The VIP Experience our dealers create is what continues to sell more cars.

CarProUSA Dealer Insider Newsletter

Each month, you will receive our Dealer Insider Newsletter containing resources and information aimed to help you get the most out of your relationship with CarProUSA.

We’ll also share our latest exclusive car reviews, highlight top dealers and customer raves, and include links to new articles on CarProUSA.com.

Getting Started

We want you to succeed, so we provide materials and support to make it easy for you to provide a VIP Experience to any customer.

Branding Resources

  • Place the CarProUSA™ logo window decals on the doors at every entrance to let customers know you are a CarProUSA™ Certified Dealer.
  • The CarProUSA™ logo must be visible on your dealership website homepage with a direct link to your Dealer Page on CarProUSA.com.
  • All dealership employees are expected to uphold the tenants of the CarProUSA™ Promise, not just the designated CarProUSA™ Certified Managers.

Customer Service

You must not receive more than three negative CarProUSA™ customer reviews within a six-month period. A negative review is a score of 1 or 2 stars out of 5. You must respond to any negative reviews to the customer’s satisfaction within 2 days. CarProUSA™ will follow up on any negative reviews to ensure the dealer handles them appropriately.

You have the opportunity to provide additional insight and provide a response. Multiple negative customer reviews can result in loss of Certified Dealership status. If you do not respond, the negative review will appear on your dealer page with a version of the following response from our team:

We apologize for your negative experience with [dealership name]. At CarProUSA™, we are committed to providing our customers with an outstanding car buying experience. We value our customers and truly appreciate the time to share your opinions. We have reached out to our contact at the dealership, forwarded this information to them, but unfortunately we have not received a response.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to providing an outstanding car buying experience one customer a time. Together we will sell more cars!

Interested in becoming a Certified Dealer? Contact us here:

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