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Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys the car buying process. Our combined dealership experience and industry knowledge will both help you build confidence in your ability to enjoy the car buying experience, and we’ve even taken things several steps further. We’ve personally met with each and every dealer to determine their expectations of themselves are as high as our own expectations. Bottom line: Only the best will do. Our Certified Dealer program helps us ensure that you’ll have the best car buying experience possible.

As a VIP, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you got a fair deal and a great experience. Also, when you verify your purchase, we’ll award you with a community badge so others will know you’re a VIP.

As we hope you can tell, we are committed to connecting our members with certified dealers all across the country. That might not always be possible. You can still benefit from our site tools and content and we welcome you to join our membership program. It’s always free to join! Club Membership has it privileges. (You’ll see…)

VIP membership is always free, but only those club members who have experienced the VIP process with one of our Car Pro certified dealers are eligible to be a Car Pro VIP.

So be sure to experience the Car Pro VIP process for yourself. Want to know more about How it works? 

Or get started by joining our community right now!

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