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Bentley showed its first-ever SUV concept, the controversial EXP 9 F, to the public for the first time in the U.S. The car was put out on the concepts lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.
In a nod to the attention the car has received elsewhere, Bentley Motors President Christophe Georges emphasizes that the design is still under review. “We are gauging marketing interest.” Though that leaves the door open to junking the current design, he added that “reaction has been great” to it.
The company is serious about adding an SUV for the first time, and it needs to join the line by 2015. “A lot of customers are asking for an SUV Bentley,” Georges says.
The car received mixed reviews when it was first shown in Europe. Some called it downright ugly, mostly due to its wide, squat look with huge “windmill” wheels and an attempt to pick up visual cues from the company’s Mulsanne flagship from the front. Georges calls it “consistent with Bentley DNA.”
Inside, though, it’s rather impressive. The stitching on the snow-white seats on the concept, the detailing of the dash and the picnic set in the rear are all pretty cool.
Best guess: Having opened the door to the idea that design is still under review, we suspect it to receive some big changes before going to market.


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