Bentley Tests Mobile-App Fuel Delivery Service

bentley fuel gas

Imagine never having to pull into a gas station to fuel up. Well, if you’re a Bentley owner, that could become reality.

Bentley says it’s testing an on-demand fuel-delivery service. Here’s how it would work. Bentley drivers would order gasoline via a mobile app. They would choose a delivery time and fuel would be delivered wherever, and whenever they require, 24/7. Drivers won’t have to unlock the fuel cap or identify their location, either. It will all be done for them securely through the service.

The automaker is partnering up with California-based Filld on the mobile app-based service. It follows that only California Bentley drivers will be able to try it out at first.

It’s all part of Bentley’s “Connected Car” strategy. Bentley says it wants to make filling up more convenient for drivers.

bentley fuel gas

bentley gas fuel


Photo Credit: Bentley
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