The Best- and Worst-Selling Cars Through September

best-selling passenger cars

Listeners have told me they are enjoying these reports.  In the past two weeks, we’ve looked at the best-selling SUVs, then the best-selling trucks in America, year-to-date, through September 2016. 

This week we look at the best and worst selling passenger cars.

Best-Selling Passenger Cars Through 2016

  1. Toyota Camry-297,453
  2. Toyota Corolla-289,002
  3. Honda Civic-283,783
  4. Honda Accord-258,619
  5. Nissan Altima-242-321
  6. Ford Fusion-210,462
  7. Chevy Malibu-170,389
  8. Nissan Sentra-169,476
  9. Hyundai Elantra-157,050
  10. Hyundai Sonata-155,279

Worst-Selling Vehicles in Production:

  1. Mitsubishi I MIEV-82
  2. Acura NSX-83 *
  3. Bentley Mulsanne-102
  4. Alfa Romeo 4C-411
  5. Dodge Viper-447
  6. Audi R8-520
  7. Nissan GT-R-537
  8. Volvo S90-608 *
  9. Kia 900-621
  10. Toyota Mirai-719

(*Note:  Volvo S90 and Acura NSX are just arriving at dealerships).

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