Best Car Movies Of 2015

Fast cars, car crashes, and stunt drivers all contribute to the overall enjoyment of a movie. If these thrills are for you, here are five movies with great car scenes.

Mad Max: Fury Road To say Fury Road isn’t a traditional car flick is an understatement. This romp through an apocalyptic desert is fueled as much by the terror of its characters as by the gasoline that powers their cobbled-together death machines. Despite its sequel status, Fury Road is by far the most original motor movie of 2015, with the unbridled creativity of director George Miller’s props department. The machines deliver performances as strong as what’s provided by Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy.

Furious 7 Yet another Fast and Furious entry takes us farther away from the franchise’s origins as a celebration of car culture. Yet, it’s impossible to deny that Furious 7 isn’t loaded with automotive eye candy. Whether it’s a Lykan Hypersport jumping from one Dubai skyscraper to the other, a host of high performance metal parachuting from a transport plane, or a classic Dodge Charger meeting a Maserati Quattroporte head-on under the streetlights of LA, there’s enough mayhem on hand to satisfy the shortest of attention spans.

Spectre Daniel Craig’s latest and maybe final turn as James Bond brought with it more than the usual dose of high-speed chases. The talk of the film was of course the custom-made Aston Martin DB10 driven by Craig while escaping a villain in the equally-bespoke Jaguar CX-75, a pursuit that took place within the narrow confines of Rome’s streets and aqueducts—at night, of course.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation might not have the cachet of 007, but in some ways, that’s its strength: the ability to show its characters as flawed and potentially without redemption. The result is drama that’s sometimes missing from the spy genre. It also helps that star Tom Cruise loves to drive (remember Days of Thunder), and in this flick absolutely destroys a BMW M3 in Morocco, finishing off a spectacular chase with an epic back flip.

The Transporter: Refueled The Transporter: Refueled is essentially a feature-length Audi ad starring a cast of unknowns—plus an Audi S8. That’s probably enough for most gearhead movie fans, but I personally pine for Jason Statham’s original E38 7 Series to make a return to the franchise. In any case, if you love Audis, this is your movie. Everyone else: I direct you to the four films listed above for a solid retrospective of 2015 car cinema.

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