The Best-Selling Sporty Cars In America Through June 2018

Ford Mustang

It is always a lot of fun to watch the sporty car segment.  Some call it the muscle car segment, but there are three different categories, and then some sports cars that don’t fall into any of them.  The American segment is down in 2018 to 105,000 sales versus the first six months of 2017 at 117,000 sales.  Much of the decline is likely due to higher fuel prices.  Chevy Camaro has suffered the biggest loss, down over 30% in the first six months of 2018.

Here are your American muscle car sales through June, year-to-date:

  • Ford Mustang:  42,428
  • Dodge Challenger:  37,367
  • Chevy Camaro:  25,379
Ford Mustang

Ford says the Mustang is attracting a younger buyer with its 2.3-liter EcoBoost powertrain, which represents nearly 50 percent of Mustang sales. Credit: Ford

If you are into European sports cars, that segment is suffering as well, with the Jaguar F-Type down the most at a 46.5% decline. Here are your Euro sports car sales halfway through 2018:

  • Porsche 718:  3,052
  • Jaguar F-Type:  1,219
  • Mercedes SLC:  1,181
  • Audi TT:  949
  • Alfa Romeo 4C:  134
Porsche 911 GTS

In the first half of 2018, the 911 saw double-digit growth with an increase of 28 per cent, amounting to 21,400 vehicle deliveries. Credit: Porsche.

Here are your Premium sports car sales, based on price, and this segment is actually up this year over last:

  • Porsche 911: 5,007
  • Mercedes SL:  1,256
  • Lexus LC:  1,016
  • Mercedes AMG GT:  914
  • Audi R8: 391
  • Nissan GT-R:  304
  • BMW i8:  284
  • Acura NSX:  93
  • Ford GT:  67
  • Dodge Viper:  14

Finally, this is the miscellaneous category for the sporty cars that don’t actually fit anywhere else on this list.  As a side note, Corvette sales through the first six months are down over 25%:

  • Audi A5:  13,592
  • Chevy Corvette:  10,241
  • BMW 2-Series:  5,399
  • Mazda MX-5:  4,691
  • Infiniti Q60:  4,080
  • Buick Cascada:  2,292
  • Toyota FRS:  2,275
  • Subaru BRZ:  1,966
  • Nissan 370Z:  1,949
  • Fiat 124:  1,894
  • Lexus RC:  1,749
2018 Audi A5

The Audi A5 is the brand’s third top-selling vehicle in the first half of 2018. Credit: Audi.

Photo Credit: Ford

  1. Bill Hoover 2 weeks ago

    Dear Car Pro,

    My wife and I bought a 2013 Ford F-250 6.7 Diesel in June 2013 to pull our 27’ Airstream trailer. The truck was satisfactory up until 2016. May of 2017 we were in Olympia, WA in preparation for a drive to Alaska with our trailer. In Olympia the engine warning light went on. We took it to a Ford dealer and learned that our DEF system needed to be replaced. We had the work done for $3500 +. We canceled our Alaska trip as we didn’t feel that we should trust the truck for such a drive. Again in 2018, once again in Washington preparing for an Alaska trip, the engine warning lights came on. This time, we learned that the part of the DEF system that was replaced was intact and just fine, but that another part of the DEF system consisting of sensors and filters had to be replaced. Another $4400 was required to have it. Repaired. However “bad DEF” was not the problem.

    I suspect that with the 6.7 diesel engine is that the DEF system is ill designed. On the other hand, the engine is magnificent, especially when towing our through the mountains. But, no recalls of the system have been issued and, I think, me and all other 6.7 Ford Diesels are suspect so long as the DEF systems are concerned.

    I’m wondering if I am the only one with such problems with this engine’s DEF system? Any others with the same problem that you have heard of? I do love the truck!

    • Car Pro 2 weeks ago

      I’ve not heard of the issue, sorry, but I don’t keep up or take mechanical questions, so it could be a problem. I wish I could be of more help, I really do, this is just not something I am familiar with.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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