Black Friday: Expect Great Car Deals This Weekend

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While shopping on Black Friday can be a stressful, tiring, and downright frightening thing to do, consumers will find some great deals on one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make: a new car.

This weekend, we have significant sale days back-to-back…Black Friday followed by the last weekend of the month.

I recall from my days in the retail auto industry, we geared up for Black Friday and the day after also.  In the car business, when a lot of people are off work, you tend to be really busy.  We also saw that while one spouse was at the mall, the other might be shopping for a car.

The incentives for November are ending in a few days.  They remain aggressive pretty much across the board.  All the automakers stayed super aggressive on trucks and SUVs and seem to be upping rebates daily to end the month.  Almost all of them run through December 1, 2015.

Odds are, the lease incentives will continue into December, but it is my opinion that many of the purchase rebates will go off on December 1, 2015.  Ford is rumored to be dropping the Friends and Neighbors program after Monday.

Dealerships offer significant discounts on Black Friday.  It’s an atypical day to purchase a car since consumers think of retail shopping, but buying a new vehicle on Black Friday can often lead to big savings.

Jerry Reynolds, The Car Pro

Photo Credit: Lexus
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