Blacked-Out 2018 Chrysler Pacifica S Shows Some Attitude

The thing about the Pacifica minivan is Chrysler is convinced there is nothing it cannot do. It has a fleet of Sesame street characters behind it, an amazing hybrid version, and now it’s getting an all-new S Appearance Package to enter into a class of its own; the sporty minivan.

Now it doesn’t make the minivan more powerful or make it track ready by any means; it’s an appearance package. It borrows the blackout trend with gloss black grille surrounds, black badges, and the optional roof rack in black. It comes with standard Black Noise 18- or optional 20-inch wheels. But, best of all, it gets something Chrysler calls black eyebrow accents on the headlights. #EyebrowsOnFleek.

Open or slide back one of the doors, it’s a minivan after all, and inside is more black. The seats are black with Light Diesel Gray accenting and stitching. The rear seat backs are embroidered with the ‘S’ logo. The trimming on the instrument panel and door inserts is Anodized Ice Cave, something really fun to say and maybe name a dog after but just means dark grey with a matte-like look. The rest of the cabin goes black including the overhead and center console, headliner, and visors.

The package is available on the 2018 Touring Plus, Touring L, Touring L Plus, and Limited trims. The S package adds on $595 and an additional $995 for the 20-inch wheel option. The S Appearance Package is available to order now with models shipping to dealerships soon.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

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