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    2nd Quarter 2021 Large Luxury SUV Sales

    With the exception of the Infiniti QX 80, all large luxury SUVs were up in sales last quarter, versus the 2nd quarter of 2020, which was ravaged by Covid-19 and the closure or partial closure of dealerships.

    In spite of the microchip shortage, the all-new Cadillac Escalade has seen the largest increase year-over-year and tops the chart.  As I have reported for weeks on the Car Pro USA radio show, 2021 Escalades at the dealer auction are still gaveling at $10,000 over MSRP used.  Our Cadillac dealers across America report long wait lists for these SUVs.

    Here are your sales leaders for Q2 2021 in the large, luxury SUV category:


    1. Cadillac Escalade 7,203
    2. BMW X7 6,516
    3. Mercedes GL/GLS 6,509
    4. Lincoln Navigator 4,396
    5. Range Rover 3,370
    6. INFINITI QX80 3,290
    7. Mercedes G-Class 2,861
    8. Toyota Land Cruiser 1,654
    9. Lexus LX 949