How to Resolve Problems At A Dealership

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People have short fuses when it comes to problems at a car dealership. Too many people assume a car dealer is out to �get them� 100% of the time. This simply is not true. Honest mistakes happen at car dealerships, just like they do with every other business, but nobody believes that when it happens at a dealership.

When I had my dealerships, I had a very open-door policy with my employees and customers. I can�t tell you how many times I had customers storm into my office and state �I�ll tell you right now, I�ll never buy another car here again� or words to that degree. Without fail, I would just calmly say �I am sorry to hear that, you just took away any incentive I have to help you�. Also without fail, they would retract their statement and we could almost always resolve the issue.