Understanding Auto Dealership Documentary Fees

Understanding Car Dealership Documentary Fees
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We had a�Car Pro radio show caller who owned two homes and was trying to figure out the best place of the two to register a new vehicle.��He did a lot of homework, and found that there was a lot of difference in the insurance cost between his regular home and his second home in Florida, with the full coverage insurance in Florida being much cheaper.��I pointed out to him that whatever he saved on insurance could easily be eaten up with documentary fees in Florida, where dealers routinely charge up to $1500.

So what is the auto dealership documentary fee?

That is the charge dealers are allowed to pass on to the buyer to cover the cost of doing the paperwork, filing registration papers, making sure liens are properly recorded, making sure you get your license plates, etc.��In most states, one small mistake can cause all the paperwork to be kicked back, so everything has to be checked and double-checked.