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  • Did You Miss Any Car Commercial From The Big Game?

    Did You Miss Any Car Commercial From The Big Game?

    Even with the microchip shortages, automakers and car companies spend a fortune on commercials for the annual “big game.” 

    Commercials during the game this year cost an estimated 6.5 million dollars for a mere 30 seconds.  While a lot of money, people tend to watch the commercials often more than the game itself, and many advertisers see a huge spike in sales and Internet traffic immediately following the broadcast.

    So, if you missed any of the car commercials on Sunday, we have them for you here.  Enjoy.

    Chevrolet’s electric Silverado with a cool Sopranos twist:


    General Motors with Dr. Evil:


    Toyota featuring the new Tundra and keeping up with the Joneses:


    BMW featuring future electric vehicles:


    Carvana hating on car salespeople:


    Kia bought a :60 commercial featuring a robotic puppy:


    Nissan shows you the new Z:


    Vroom takes a musical approach:


    Wallbox is an electric vehicle charger company:

    My personal favorite? 

    The Electric Silverado featuring the Soprano kids, I thought it was brilliant.


    Photo Credit:  Chevrolet