It�s The Last Weekend Of February - HUGE Sales Going On In Texas

It�s The Last Weekend Of February - HUGE Sales Going On In Texas
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I talked about this on the air last weekend: Texas dealers need to sell a lot of cars, trucks, and SUVs by Monday.

February is a hard month for car dealers anyway, the month is short and often weather is a challenge. However, in all the years I was in the car biz, I never faced the weather Car Pro Show dealers did this month. They lost over a week�s worth of business to snow, and it was statewide.

With the end of February coming on a Sunday, they�ll have until Monday to report sales. That is also the end of the incentives for February, which were much better than any of us thought they would be.

Even if you are not in Texas, the rebates, low interest rates, and lease deals have been exceptional to start 2021. Sometimes as we enter the spring market, incentives are not needed as much and go down. Whether that will happen this year is just not known.

What I can tell you is this is a great weekend to name your own terms, especially if you are in Texas. Use my process, it works.

Email them from their page, get your VIP Certificate and get a smoking deal with no hassle.

Bear in mind, all our dealers can deliver, even if out of your area. Sometimes you can take advantage of dire circumstances, and this is one of those times. Dealers need numbers, it�s that simple.