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  • NHTSA Updates Recall Website To Include Urgent Recalls

    NHTSA Updates Recall Website To Include Urgent Recalls

    If you've ever headed to the NHTSA recall website to search for a recall involving your vehicle, you know that sometimes multiple recalls involving your make and model can come up and you have to sort through them to find the one that impacts you.

    Well, now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is making is easier for you to spot a critical recall.  A new tool alerts you and other vehicle owners to urgent safety recalls where the vehicle should not be driven or parked inside until fixed.

    A red box will now display at the top of the page if your vehicle has an open “do not drive” or a fire risk recall.  The new feature indicates the urgency of these recalls, including taking preventative actions until the recall repair is completed.  You can check out samples below:

    recall-alert-do-not-drive-park-outside-nhtsaCredit: NHTSA.

    The new feature launched earlier this month after a number of recent fire-related recalls, including ones for select 2017-18 Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrids and select Hyundai and Kia models.

    Check for recalls is easy. Just enter your vehicle VIN number at NHTSA.gov/Recalls. You can also do a search on the SaferCar app. All recall repairs are free at an authorized dealership.

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