Texas Leads States With The Most Hail Damage Claims

Texas Leads States With The Most Hail Damage Claims
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If you live in Texas, chances are you are no stranger to rough weather and hail storms. It�s the number one state when it comes to hail loss claims, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The NICB�s recent three-year analysis of insurance claims associated with hail storms in the United States is based on claims data from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019. There were 2,769,362 hail loss claims during this period.

Of the five policy types providing hail loss coverage, Personal Property-Homeowners made up 62% of claims over the three-year period, followed by Personal Auto and Personal Property � Farm.

Top States for Hail Claims

Texas leads the states with the most claims with 637,977. Colorado is next with 380,066. Nebraska comes in third with 161,374. Minnesota is number four with 150,673 and Illinois rounds up the top five with 150,416.

Top 5 Cities for Hail Claims

When it comes to cities, the top five cities for hail loss claims during that period were: Omaha, Neb. (54,153); Denver, Colo. (51,887); Colorado Springs, Colo. (38,044); McKinney, Texas (34,134); and Dallas, Texas (25,262).

Top Months for Hail Claims

Not surprisingly most hail claims are filed in the spring when mother nature does its worst. May had the most hail loss claims, followed by June, March, April, and July.

Top 5 loss states - Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois
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If you�ve found your property the victim of hail damage, the NICB says be vigilant when getting it fixed. There can often be unscrupulous contractors� �storm chasers��who swoop in promising a quick repair. These unsolicited approaches are red flags as nearly all post-storm repair scams begin with an unsolicited visit to a victim by a repair person.

�NICB encourages policyholders to use caution when selecting a contractor or other workers to help repair your property or replace your windshield following a storm,� said Brooke Kelley, NICB vice president of communications. �Always check first with your insurance company or agent before signing any documents presented by a contractor whom you did not request to appear. It�s why we say, �If you didn�t request it, reject it.��

The NICB also provides the following tips:

  • Get more than one estimate
  • Don�t be pushed into signing a contract right away
  • Get everything in writing
  • Require references and check them out
  • Ask to see the contractor�s driver�s license and write down the number and the license plate on his or her vehicle

  • Simple steps to ensure your contractor is legit.