The Car Pro: My Top Car Reviews For 2021

The Car Pro: My Top Car Reviews For 2021

Each year at this time, I put out a list of the vehicles I reviewed that were the most impactful or left an impression on me.  I take into consideration all the things I talk about on the radio show:  Value, driving impressions, and overall impressions of the vehicle.

This year was a tough one because of the microchip shortages.  Not nearly as many vehicles were put into the press fleet.  I was fortunate to have something new to review every week, many reviewers across the country were shut out.  Still, I was able to review over 50 vehicles, 42 of which had associated videos. 

Still, even with everything going on, I feel like I had a successful year of car reviews, and I will give you the highlights.


I’ve got to give MAJOR kudos to Stellantis.  They sent me three vehicles that I absolutely loved:  The Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, the new Grand Cherokee L, and the ultimate:  The new Jeep Grand Wagoneer that raised the bar on luxury SUVs.



Ford was good to me, too.  I had and loved the new Mustang Mach-E, the Bronco Sport, and the exceptional Bronco.  Also, I just completed reviews of the Maverick and Maverick hybrid, two compact trucks that are already huge hits.  Next week, I’ve got the hotrod Mach-E, the GT version.







General Motors

General Motors sent me the new Escalade that made an impression due to its exceptional interior, and also the Super Cruise autonomous driving system, the best I have experienced.  I did an additional video demonstrating the Super Cruise system.  I also had the wonderful GMC Yukon Denali.



Luxury SUVs

In luxury SUVs, I had the beautiful BMW XB7 Alpina, the BMW X5, the Genesis GV80, and I loved the Infiniti QX60 Autograph.









Although not a minivan guy, Kia killed it with the Carnival.  I also had the new Kia Sorento, which has to be mentioned, it was greatly improved and has many of the wonderful features of the Telluride.



I was lucky to avoid any jail time back in February when I had the $121,000 Nissan GT-R  with 565-horses.  I also had the hot Lexus LC 500h, and the Ford Mustang Mach 1, which is basically a street legal racecar.



I was also impressed with the new Hyundai Santa Cruz compact truck.  It is very different than the Ford Mavericks I had, but quite an impressive small truck.



I was a lucky guy and spent several days with the 2021 McLaren 720S, which pumps out 710-horses.  It was a back killer to get in and out of, but worth the pain to drive a supercar like this.

In a year when I didn’t get the variety of vehicles I’d have liked, it was still a great year to be a car reviewer.


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