Toyota & Lexus Announce New Online Buying Process

Toyota & Lexus Announce New Online Buying Process
Toyota Smart Path
Credit: Toyota.

Toyota is giving car shoppers a new way to buy their car completely online. It�s launched the latest all-new version of SmartPath, a retail experience Toyota started piloting it in 2019. Now it�s been expanded so that car shoppers can complete the whole buying process online. There is also the option to start it online and then finish it at the dealership. (Lexus also just unveiled its new online retail car buying experience called Lexus Monogram.)

SmartPath�s latest iteration comes as Toyota says COVID-19 accelerated consumer demand for digital transactions. The automaker points to an April 2020 Cox Automotive digital shopping survey showing two out of three shoppers are more likely to purchase a vehicle 100% online.

Toyota says SmartPath technology provides an integrated user experience across,, dealer websites as well as the physical showroom. It�s designed to give customers more control over how they buy their vehicle and provide increased transparency into current inventory along with real-time pricing.

Toyota says the online process also benefits dealers. It helps them better understand customer needs and also gives them access to time-saving tools, enhanced analytics and advanced lead handling so the dealer can pick up right where the customer left off online.

"Our goal is to ensure we create the best experience for our customers and our dealers," said Jack Hollis, senior vice president, Automotive Operations, TMNA. "As our customers' expectations evolve, SmartPath provides our dealers the technology to exceed those expectations. Our shared mission is to make the experience of shopping, buying, and owning a Toyota as easy and carefree as driving one."

Customers can finalize their purchase by physically visiting the dealerships, or by making a digital appointment with the dealer.


SmartPath is currently available in select markets through more than 50 dealerships. An additional 50 dealerships launch this spring with plans to aggressively bring more SmartPath dealerships to market through 2021. The all-new complete online shopping experience will roll out market by market starting in mid-February 2021.