Toyota Teams Up To Offer Insurance Based On How You Drive - But Be Careful

Toyota Teams Up To Offer Insurance Based On How You Drive - But Be Careful
2020 Toyota  Highlander
2020 Toyota Highlander. Credit: Toyota
This is actually nothing new and it could save you money if you are a super good driver�.and if you don�t mind someone tracking your every move. The decision comes down to privacy versus saving money, and that is an individual decision being made by many drivers as monitoring becomes more popular among the insured.

Toyota and Nationwide Offer Connected Car Insurance

Toyota is teaming up with Nationwide to offer a new Connected Vehicle insurance option that is based on how you drive based on data from your connected vehicle. It�s through Toyota Insurance Management Solutions (TIMS) and it�s called TIMS BrightDrive. If you purchase an auto insurance policy through the plan, you�ll have to opt-in to share your driving data.

Eligible Vehicles

Toyota says all non-hybrid model year 2020 vehicles will be connected and capable of participating in the BrightDrive experience, with a few exceptions. Some 2018 and 2019 models are capable as well. For a complete list of connected vehicles, click here. The automaker says drivers with older models are still encouraged to participate and that its agents can assist with setting up the right policy.

How it Works

Toyota says TIMS BrightDrive uses driving data collected from the connected vehicle to provide a discount based on the customer's driving behavior. Toyota customers who purchase an auto insurance policy and opt-in to share their driving data will automatically receive an initial 10% SmartRide participation discount. Upon completing the collection of driving data for 90 days, customers can earn up to a 40% final discount.

"Consumer expectations for insurance solutions that are fast, simple and add value continue to grow," said Nationwide CEO, Kirt Walker. "Nationwide and Toyota believe that customers should benefit from their personal data. We are excited to partner on the introduction of a new solution that will make the process even easier."

"The TIMS BrightDrive experience is exciting because it empowers Toyota drivers with driving data from their vehicle to obtain personalized auto insurance geared to how they drive. Additionally, in case of a claim, BrightDrive uses Toyota Genuine Parts, and Toyota Certified Collision Centers when available, enhancing the overall Toyota experience," said Will Nicklas, TIMS Vice President.

The TIMS BrightDrive experience is currently available in Arizona, Ohio, and Texas at participating dealers and online at for vehicles equipped with Toyota's Data Communication Module (DCM) model year 2018 through 2020 (as we mentioned above, minor exceptions apply).

Customers who drive Toyota vehicles without DCM technology will be eligible for the same participation and earned discounts that are available through the Nationwide SmartRide mobile app program or plug-in device. As customer feedback is gained and more connected cars come online, Nationwide and TIMS will look to expand the size and scope of the offering.

To learn more visit or to participate, Toyota customers can contact a TIMS agent at participating dealerships or call TIMS: 888-260-5051.

No word on if the program will roll out for Lexus as well.