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    Year-To-Date Mid-Sized Sedan & Hatchback Sales

    1These segments have been in decline for some time now.  With people making the switch to SUVs, many automakers have gotten out of the car business, or at least cut back on the number of offerings.  Certainly the chip shortage hasn’t helped, as car companies have put what chips they have into more profitable trucks and SUVs.

    After two months of sales data, here is a complete list of all cars sold in America by the automakers that still report monthly sales.  We’ll have a much better feel for all sales in about a week when all the auto manufacturers report quarterly sales.

    Year-to-date sedans and hatchback and how they did versus the first two months of 2021:

    1. Toyota Camry   35,277    22%
    2. Honda Accord   24,381      8%
    3. Kia K5     6,558   43%
    4. Toyota Prius:       3,080    57%
    5. Hyundai Sonata:      3,037   72%
    6. Subaru Legacy:      2,909      27%
    7. Hyundai IONIC:      2,684    22%
    8. Kia Stinger:      2,081   44%
    9. Honda Insight:     1,102   49%
    10.        Mazda6            311   93%
    11.      Toyota Mirai              309   100%
    12.     Honda Clarity              71   89%

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