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    Year-to-Date Mid-Sized Sedan Sales (Non-Luxury)

    After years of sliding sales, the mid-sized sedan segment is actually up through the first nine months of this year, mainly due to the loss of sales in 2020 because of COVID-19.  Gas prices rising is likely contributing to this as well, people look a little harder at SUV purchases when gas prices are on the rise.  Prius sales, for instance, are up 56% this year over last.

    There is enough info now for me to call it for the Camry being the #1 selling car of 2021, the 20th straight year. Even with the chip shortages Toyota is suffering, there is no way Accord can catch up.  After those two vehicles, the numbers really drop off.  The Hyundai Sonata has a chance to unseat perennial #3 Nissan Altima in the next three months.

    Here are your mid-sized sedan sales numbers through the first nine months of 2021: 

    1. Toyota Camry 256,769
    2. Honda Accord 157,988
    3. Nissan Altima 75,507
    4. Hyundai Sonata 70,752
    5. Kia K5  63,830
    6. Toyota Prius  51,038
    7. Chevrolet Malibu  32,155
    8. Chevrolet Bolt  24,803
    9. Subaru Legacy  18,695
    10.        Mazda6       16,561
    11.        VW Passat       16,505
    12.      Honda Insight      16,267
    13.      Hyundai Ioniq        14,846
    14.       Ford Fusion      11,678
    15.       Kia Stinger        10,377
    16.       Nissan Leaf      10,073
    17.      VW Arteon        4,865
    18.      Toyota Mirai        2,268
    19.      Honda Clarity       2,248