BMW i8 Spyder i Vision Concept Shows Off Future Tech

bmw i vision spyder

BMW delivered the i8 Spyder this week as promised at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Well, sort of. This isn’t a Spyder that will go into production.

This one is a concept that wows in the technology department. Suffice it to say, if this is the future of auto tech, sign us up right now.

This particular BMW i8 Spyder is officially called the i Vision Future Interaction Concept. The sportster is based on the topless i8 that BMW that it debuted in 2012 but just can’t seem to commit to building.

Outside, the concept i8 is stunning enough. But inside is where it really gets interesting.  The normal i8 interior is nowhere to be found. Instead it features a 21-inch ultra-wide display that drivers can use to control virtually every function of the car.

The biggest deal here is 3D gesture control. BMW calls it Air Touch. It basically allows you to wave your hand around at the touchscreen to control the car.  This is a step up from BMW’s gesture control that was just unveiled in the new 7-series.

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Here’s the difference. Air Touch uses several sensors than can monitor entire hand movement. So you can basically wave your hand around, as long as you’re in the sensor range of the touchscreen, and get things done. Gesture Control in the 7-series just recognizes finger movements.

Of course, it goes without saying that the i8 concept drives itself autonomously. It comes with three driving modes and that’s the Auto mode. The steering wheel turns blue if you turn it on. It offers also two other driving modes, one is Pure Drive which is what it sounds like, driving the old-fashioned way. Assist Mode means BMW driving assistance features like automatic braking kick in automatically if the car senses a collision.


Photo Credit: NewspressUSA/BMW

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