BMW Issues 7-Series Stop-Sale Order Over Air Bags

2016 BMW 740i stop sale

A non-Takata related air bag issue is prompting BMW to recall its new flagship 7-Series and issue a stop-sale order for those on dealer lots.

The recall impacts 26,000 vehicles globally that were built before December 11th, 2015. BMW says they may have a defective air bag control module that could short circuit. If so, it could cause the inflator’s control module to not work properly, meaning it may not deploy in the event of crash.

There aren’t any reports of faulty deployments, but the automaker says it is recalling them as a precautionary measure. In the U.S., the recall impacts 6,110 vehicles from the 2016 model year: the 740Li, 750Li, and 750 Lxi.

Continental AG is the air bag supplier in this case. BMW blames the problems on an error in Continental AG’s manufacturing process.

U.S. owners will receive letters in May about the recall. The fix will take up to four hours at a dealership at no cost to owners.

For official recall documents head to the NHTSA’s website. To date,  BMW says its built 47,000 new 7-Series models.

Photo Credit: BMW
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