BMW Kicks Off ‘Summer Drive for a Cause’ Campaign

bmw galveston texas port campaign

Team USA has a new member: BMW.

The automaker is launching its summer Drive for a Cause campaign to support the U.S. Olympic team and local charities.

BMW decided to reboot the campaign after last years success of “Drive for Team USA.”  The campaign supported U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. This year, dealers can go that route again or donate to a local charity of their choosing instead.

Here’s how it goes down. You show up at any U.S. BMW dealership and do a test drive. That’s all folks. For each test drive taken, BMW of North America will donate funds to Team USA or a local charity.

“Any time you can get people behind the wheel of a BMW while simultaneously generating attention and raising money for worthy charities, it’s a win-win,” says Trudy Hardy, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America. 

BMW isn’t the only automaker throwing some support to U.S. Olympic athletes.

Nissan is the automotive sponsor for the upcoming 2016 Olympic games in Rio this summer. Under the deal, Nissan will provide a fleet of 4,500 vehicles to drive around clients, athletes, technical officials, media, committee members, and other partners throughout the event. Nissan says its Olympic fleet focuses on eco-friendly clean energy vehicles.

On a global scale, Toyota signed as a top sponsor of the Olympic events last year. The multi-year $835 million deal runs 10 years through 2024. 

The Rio 2016 games start August 3rd and run through the 21st. 

Photo Credit: BMW
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