BMW Recalls 2003-2010 Model 5 and 6 Series

BMW announced in Frankfurt that it is recalling 1.3 million cars worldwide for an electrical problem.

The recall covers all 2003 to 2010 model 5- and 6-series cars.

BMW says that in a few of the cars, a battery cable covering in the trunk was not installed properly, and it could eventually keep the car from starting and even lead to a fire.

BMW said it has only a handful of complaints and no reports of crashes or injuries linked to the defect.

The company says it should take about 30 minutes to make the fix.

According to the Associated Press there are 290,000 of the affected cars in Germany and 1.3 million globally.

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  1. r simmons 6 years ago

    We drove BMW’s for 25 years owning 3 at a time and tradeing the oldest one off to buy the new untill they went to run flat tires on the 06 with no spare and no way to rotate tires.. I got 22K miles on the factory set when they got so noisey it was an embarrasment to have someone ride with you.. My friendly service manager said I would have to replace all the tires at a cost of 1300 bux at which time we started to buy Lexus and am very happy , in fact we drove directly to the Lexus dealer and traded that day.. we are now on our 6th Lexus with out any problems whatsoever..

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