BMW Revives Rare Elvis 507 Roadster

Elvis BMW 507

Elvis’ restored BMW 507 roadster will be in the house at the Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month.

The iconic late-1950s roadster once driven by the King of Rock ‘n Roll recently wrapped up a two-year restoration at the hands of BMW Group Classic.

Elvis acquired the car while stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. Then it effectively went missing. That is until Bimmer Magazine journalist Jackie Jouret discovered it in a pumpkin warehouse south of San Francisco in 2009.  It was in storage there after being bought by a guy named Jack Castor in 1968.

To say the Elvis 507 needed a lot of work is an understatement. It was badly neglected and needed a lot of parts, repairs and in some cases complete reconstruction.  The interior needed a bunch of work. The seats needed a ground-up restoration since the leather was too worn out to repair. The dashboard was also missing.

Paint was another issue. The 507 had been repainted a number of times over the years. Elvis himself reportedly had it painted from its original white to red to help hide lipstick and messages left by fans. (BMW Classic Group restored it to the original color.)

Then there is the matter of what was under the hood. Someone dropped in a Chevy V8 engine at some point. So BMW Group Classic had to build a brand new BMW V8 for it and repair the modified subframe.

The 507 is a rare find – not just because it was owned by Elvis, but because BMW didn’t make many of them.  The 1950s roadster never sold well for BMW because it was so expensive. BMW only built somewhere in the ballpark of 250 of the roadsters.

The 507 will make its restored debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21.  You can check out all the restoration details on the BMW Classic Group’s website.

Photo Credit: BMW Group Classic


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