BMW Axes Manual Transmission On Next M5, M6

2013 bmw m5 manual transmission

Consider yourself warned.

If your dream is to own a BMW M5 with a stick shift, you’d better act fast. The automaker is ditching the 6-speed manual transmission for both the M5 and M6 for 2017. That means the option will be nixed when production of the current generation of both models ends this fall.

Considering it was just introduced on the 2013 model, it’s being axed in fairly short, and surprising, order. BMW tells Car and Driver that demand for the manual option is low – especially when it comes to the M6 – calling it zero.

Back in 2012, BMW made the big announcement that it would offer its new 6-speed manual transmission on the North American version of the 2013 BMW M5. It was developed at a pretty penny because according to Car and Driver, the “V8 engine produces so much torque the engine programmer had to be reprogrammed to preserve the transmission after manual shifts.”

If a stick shift is a must for you, you can always opt for one of the smaller M-Series options. You can still buy one of those with a stick shift and drive around to your hearts content.

Photo Credit: BMW
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