BMW Z4 Ends Production to Make Way for New Roadster

bmw z4 roadster

It’s the end of the road for the current BMW Z4. The last two-door roadster rolled off the production line quietly earlier this month.

The Z4 originally arrived in 2002 and replaced the Z3. The second-generation Z4, and current model, was introduced in 2009 and BMW sold 115,000 of them before pulling the plug.

But BMW roadster fans, never fear. The automaker is working on a successor, and it’s doing so in partnership with Toyota. The automakers are developing a new sports car platform together that will be used for both the new BMW roadster and the successor to the Toyota Supra.

The next-gen Z roadster could be called the Z5 and arrive in 2018 at the earliest. The mystery roadster has actually already been spotted in road tests. You can see pics on the BMW Blog, which also reports a hybrid version could also be offered. Of course, that puts into question whether it would be a manual.

The new headlights seem to squint a bit more and seem a bit more aggressive. Out back, BMW has kept the classic roadster proportions intact. While this new Z4 does look like it’s going to be a bit longer than before, it still has the long hood and short rear deck. – BMW Blog

Photo Credit: BMW
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