BMW’s New Bike Concept Is A Futuristic Balancing Act

bmw bike

Gotham City just got one step closer to becoming our reality with BMW’s latest Vision Vehicle, the Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept.

It’s a super sleek, sexy, zero-emissions two-wheeled ride that fulfills all our superhero dreams and then some. The bike fills the fourth and final slot in the company’s Iconic Impulses collection honoring the company’s 100th birthday. 

While the futuristic design may not be hitting the road any time soon, it does hint at the next 30 years of BMWs to come.


Let’s start with looks. The Motorrad Vision Next 100 fits the futuristic style bill on all accounts. The design looks like the bike in The Dark Knight Rises, the one that Catwoman uses in the final battle scene. 

The modern styling includes a frame with one long flowing wrap piece. It connects the front and back wheel while arching over the handlebars, creating a dynamic feel as it warps with the handlebar movement.

The design streamline happens with the large wheels. Rather than have a separate suspension and damper, it’s all integrated into the design of the tires.

bmw bike


Lastly, it carries brains so smart, BMW says riders don’t need to wear a safety helmet.

Self-balancing technology with the aid of gyroscopes keeps the bike upright. The tech means riders never have to put a foot down. It also means they don’t have to worry about the bike falling over and pinning them down.

For now, however, the accident free concept remains purely hypothetical. For the record, we are big advocates of keeping things safe at all times by wearing helmets.

bmw bike

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 also shows off some other emerging technology like special glasses worn by the rider. They provide essential statistical information to the driver so they can keep their eyes on the road. It’s similar to the Augmented Vision glasses the automaker showed off for Mini. The goggles also make up for the lack of an instrument panel. 

The first three models in the Vision Next 100 project are a BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce models. Each captures a dynamic look at the future of BMW.

If they prove to be half true of what the future holds, we’re excited.



Photo Credit: BMW
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